Some Of The Strangest Royal Wedding Gifts

The Royal Family have fascinated many of us for years, and their weddings have become some of the most watched events around the world. Have you ever wondered about what royal weddings gifts come from the big days? It turns out the family are used to a strange gift or two.

A Tandem Bike

When Wills and Kate threw their royal wedding, they were lucky enough to get a tandem bike from prime minister Boris Johnson. We’re not sure where they will use it, but at least they can not use it together, right?

An Indian Bull

Meghan and Harry were two of the latest Royals to tie the knot, and they were no exception to some unusual gifts. They soon learned they had an Indian bull adopted in their name – playfully named Merry.

Some Of The Strangest Ever Royal Wedding Gifts

A Kayak

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden were lucky enough to get a two-seat kayak for their royal wedding in 2015. However, it turns out the pair both love the outdoors and even got a nature reserve to try it out.


Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding was watched by millions of fans around the world. The prince is known for his love of agriculture, so a village in Somerset gifted a ton of peat for the royal to use on his estate.

Some Of The Strangest Ever Royal Wedding Gifts

Cooking Ingredients

Prince Philip and the Queen held their royal wedding while wartime rationing still gripped the nation. Thankfully, the girl guides from Australia gifted the couple all the ingredients they would need to bake their own wedding cake.

A royal wedding is something that usually sees the world standstill. The flowers, the dress, and the magic of it all have captivated many of us. Now, so have their gifts as many Royals are used to a strange offering on their big day.