Wedding Nannies Have Become A Thing – But Is It Okay To Do?

Weddings are the perfect chance to bring all of your friends and family together to celebrate the love you have for your new husband or wife. However, planning a wedding can be pretty stressful – especially when the guest list is involved. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them, and then you have to think about the younger generation. There are many couples who choose to plan an adults-only wedding, but there are others who decide that their kids should be a part of their big day.

Wedding Nannies Have Become A Thing – But Is It Okay To Do?

What Is A Wedding Nanny?

In short, a wedding nanny is someone who is hired to look after children during the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. They set up their very own creche-like room a short way away from the adults so that the children can still have fun, while their parents are just in the next room. These nannies are becoming more and more popular across the globe, but is it okay to do?

The Pros Of A Wedding Nanny

On your wedding day, you want the whole thing to be stress-free, and knowing that the younger guests are looked after can provide you with a huge sense of relief. They are still part of the wedding, but they also get the chance to make their own fun away from the adult conversation. This can also help you in terms of your guest list, as many guests often turn down RSVP’s because they cannot get a childminder or babysitter to look after their kids. By providing them with one, you can ensure that everyone you love will be able to attend.

Wedding Nannies Have Become A Thing – But Is It Okay To Do?

The Cons Of A Wedding Nanny

However, many people feel as though a wedding nanny excludes the younger generation from the big day. Parents may want to share the moment with their kids, and taking them away from the main event seems rather harsh. As if that wasn’t enough, many parents feel as though they are being forced to stay separate from their kids. Many parents relish the free time they have with their children and would love to enjoy their company during this time.

At the end of the day, whether you use a wedding nanny or not is completely down to you.